Williamston Awarded Two EPA Cleanup Grants for River Landing Area

Visitor Center birds eye draft 03.19.2014The Town of Williamston was recently awarded two cleanup grants from the EPA to continue development of their River Landing area. These grants will address two former industrial properties that are central to this redevelopment, the former Windsor Oil site that was previously utilized as a petroleum distributor for more than 60 years and the former Royster-Clark site which was previously utilized as a fertilizer/bulk petroleum storage facility. The presence of these abandoned industrial properties with known contamination has stalled many of the redevelopment efforts in this area for years. These two sites were the target properties in the Town’s recently (2011-2014) completed EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant Project. Further, they are centrally located within the recently designated 47-acre Williamston Waterfront Redevelopment District, that includes the River Road area. A Reuse Concept Plan for the Waterfront Redevelopment District was developed following a series of public meetings and was approved by the Town Commissioners in November 2014. This proposed development was given the name River Landing.

The River Landing Concept Plan includes a range of redevelopment opportunities for the Williamston waterfront area that maximizes existing infrastructure, builds on partnerships and supports the vision for a nature-based recreation destination. These redevelopment opportunities include the following:

  • River Landing Center – a 3,000 square foot facility that will provide visitor information, showcase cultural heritage artifacts, office space for boat rentals, portage and eco-tours; other surrounding uses are a dog park, rain gardens, bioswales and recreation fields (disk-golf, soccer, etc.);
  • Riverside – a boardwalk extension connecting the existing boardwalk to Moratoc Park (a recently renovated 18-acre park county-owned park that includes a river overlook, fishing pier, canoe/kayak launch, and conference/event building);
  • River Landing Camping Center – 25 – 50 tent and recreational vehicle camp sites with bath/shower facilities and possible cabins for seasonal visitors during fishing and hunting peak seasons;
  • Provisions Anchor – a commercial anchor to attract motorist traffic from US Highway 17 at the east gateway entry, that could provide motor and boat fuel, food services and recreation supplies; and
  • Rental Housing – 10 – 20 quality rental units to meet existing need which will connect residents to existing residential areas and River Landing amenities.

Mid-Atlantic has provided the Town with grant writing services since 2010 and managed the Town’s recently completed EPA Brownfields assessment grants, awarded in 2011. For more information on this project or information about opportunities for investment or redevelopment in the Williamston Waterfront Redevelopment District, contact Brent Kanipe, Director of Planning and Development at rbkanipe@yahoo.com or 252-792-5142.

"Mid-Atlantic has always provided the necessary resources and expertise on our Environmental Site Assessments during the due diligence period. The time constraints for this work are often very challenging; however, Mid-Atlantic has never told us no. They find a way to get the job done while producing a top quality work product."