Mobile Data Solutions

Our desire to provide efficient, quality driven services lead us to seek a mobile data collection platform to collect, store, and manage all of our field data. Mid-Atlantic partnered with XForms to develop our customized system and now can offer the same solutions to any environmental, engineering, professional or industrial firm that collects and manages data using forms.  Our customized solutions can provide:

  • Standardized forms for data collection on any mobile device;
  • Customized dashboard for the sorting, analyzing and downloading of data;
  • Email and text integrations;
  • Customized routing and approvals for forms;
  • Data upload/storage to the area of your choice (cloud, etc.);
  • Customizable layers of access, security; and
  • Much more.

Our customized solutions provide consistent data formats, data that is immediately available upon submittal, eliminates lost field data, improves clarity, eliminates the need to re-write or file forms, and reduces field and management time. Contact us to learn how we can provide a customized solution to your data collection/form processes.

Some of the forms we use for our data collection and management include:

  • AFVR/MMPE Data
  • Air Sampling Data
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Business Interruption Management Plan
  • Chain of Custody
  • Phase I ESA Site Visit
  • Soil Boring Log & Soil Sampling
  • Request to Conduct Drilling
  • Tailgate Safety Meeting
  • Water Supply Well Sampling
  • Water Level Measurements
  • Well Abandonment
  • Well Construction, Sampling & Surveying

Mobile App Video Example

Web Reporting Dashboard Example

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