Risk Assessment

Human health risk assessment is a quantitative tool that is used to determine the need for risk mitigation or risk based corrective action at contaminated sites. Mid-Atlantic has the in-house resources and experience to work within the risk assessment framework to bring accurate, detailed risk characterization to a project. We use this information to develop and implement plans for reasonable, creative risk mitigation solutions that assure protection of human health at every project.

Effective and clear risk communication can have significant impact on community support for a project. Mid-Atlantic staff are experienced risk communicators and risk communication trainers, having been successful on dozens of projects explaining exposure and risk to affected populations in sensitive situations where there is low tolerance for imposed risk. Our risk assessment services include:

  • Development of site-specific screening and exposure limits using human exposure factors unique to each site
  • Design and implementation of risk-based mitigation strategies that assure protection of human health and on-going project success
  • Risk communication
  • Risk communication training
  • Vapor intrusion studies
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Receptor surveys and ecological evaluations

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