Facility, Process and Property Evaluations

In addition to completing projects in ways that reduce short and long-term costs, Mid-Atlantic looks for ways to add value to our clients’ organizations. Below are just a few of these services.

Facility and Process Evaluations

Environmental, health and safety costs are significant portions of many companies’ operating budgets. However, in many instances companies could spend less to remain in compliance. By evaluating a facility and its processes against operating permits and pertinent regulations, Mid-Atlantic can often reduce a company’s compliance expenditures. Some examples of our successes in this area include:

  • Reduced groundwater monitoring costs through RCRA permit modifications
  • Reduced reporting frequency through regulatory negotiations
  • Rescission of stormwater permits through no-exposure certifications
  • Reduced incinerator costs through better waste characterization
  • Reduced disposal costs for waste oils through design and construction of an on-site oil blending facility
  • Submitted an air permit renewal application that allowed monitoring of chemical usage rather than the more stringent emissions tracking and monitoring stipulated in previous permit

Property Appreciation

Sometimes property lies unused for years because of real or perceived environmental liabilities. The market value of these properties is often significantly less than it would be without these environmental liabilities. For whatever reason, the property has not been (or cannot be) pursued/redeveloped utilizing a Brownfield Agreement. In these instances, Mid-Atlantic’s team of property appreciation specialists works to increase the market value of the property through research, marketing and limited site characterization. The result is an investment in the property that makes the property more marketable and returns itself many times over when the property is sold for a more realistic price.

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