Brownfields are abandoned, idled or under-utilized properties where redevelopment is hindered by real or perceived environmental contamination. The Brownfields Property Reuse Act of 1997 and subsequent Brownfield Revitalization Act of 2002 paved the way for developers to put Brownfield sites back into use. Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader in the Brownfield arena and provides a variety of Brownfield services. We have been the lead consultant on acquisitions that have resulted in over $750-million in development value.

Private Brownfields Redevelopment

Mid-Atlantic helps many prospective developers with the redevelopment of Brownfield properties. This includes helping them enter state Brownfield Programs and using a unique ability to work with a variety of stakeholders to find cost effective solutions to their Brownfield projects. In the process we have saved our clients millions in real dollars and opportunity costs. Our Brownfield Services include:

  • Program applicability determinations
  • Preparation of applications for program entry
  • Performance of Phase I and Phase II assessments
  • Performance of asbestos surveys, lead-based paint surveys, and vapor intrusion studies
  • Site specific risk assessments
  • Negotiation of Brownfields agreement terms and conditions
  • Development of remedial alternatives
  • Site remediation
  • Post agreement monitoring and institutional controls
  • Environmental Risk Management and insurance placement
  • Decommissioning and demolition oversight and management

EPA Funded Brownfields Grants

Mid-Atlantic helps municipalities and other local units of governments to apply for, receive and implement Brownfields grants from the EPA. These include assessment, cleanup, revolving loan fund and area-wide planning grants. Mid-Atlantic’s services include:

  • Writing grant applications
  • Grant management and reporting
  • Site inventories using GIS applications
  • Community outreach services
  • Community health monitoring
  • Phase I and Phase II ESAs
  • Performance of asbestos surveys, lead-based paint surveys, indoor air quality studies and vapor intrusion studies
  • Analyses of cleanup alternatives
  • Assisting with leveraged funds
  • Assistance with State Brownfields programs
  • Redevelopment planning

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