University City

This Brownfields site involved the construction of an indoor self-storage facility on a former construction and demolition (C&D) landfill. A geotechnical investigation of the property determined that the boundaries of the former C&D landfill were not consistent with the historical landfill closure maps for the facility. Mid-Atlantic completed a site assessment to identify areas of fill material and buried debris. The investigation determined that the identified areas of buried debris were predominantly located outside of the proposed building footprint. Following assessment activities Mid-Atlantic developed and implemented an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to manage debris uncovered during site grading and construction. Mid-Atlantic’s streamlined approach allowed the client to complete the redevelopment of the property with minimal need to disturb areas identified as containing buried debris.

"#1 is their people. We received several competing bids for a large job several years ago and selected Mid-Atlantic in part due to the comfort and trust we had in working with them."