Rapid Assessment at Marine Corps Air Station

The subject site includes the “Rapid Refueler” facilities located aboard a Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS). The rapid refueler facilities include aircraft refueling hydrants and related infrastructure at fuel pits in the center portion of the airfield. Refueling of aircraft has occurred in this area of the MCAS for decades, and releases from the underground piping have occurred. For approximately 20-years, traditional methods of assessment and remediation were unsuccessful in adequately assessing and remediating the free product. Mid-Atlantic was retained to review 20 years of data and recommend an assessment methodology that could accurately assess the extent and amount of free product in the subsurface. Mid-Atlantic used Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) technology for 3-D, high resolution digital profiling of residual petroleum and free product at the site. LIF measurements were taken from over 90-probe locations during a nine day period. The results of these activities were used to determine locations for permanent wells and to design free product recovery efforts.

"Mid-Atlantic has always provided the necessary resources and expertise on our Environmental Site Assessments during the due diligence period. The time constraints for this work are often very challenging; however, Mid-Atlantic has never told us no. They find a way to get the job done while producing a top quality work product."