Metal Recycling Facility

This metal recycling facility has been in operation for over 40 years. Historical recycling operations released PCBs, chlorinated solvents, petroleum, metals, and other contaminants into the environment. Over time areas of the site were filled in with gravel, debris, and other types of wastes and extensive historical research was required to identify these areas. Various assessment and geophysical techniques have been utilized to characterize these contaminants and areas of buried waste under the North Carolina Registered Environmental Consultant Program. This included excavation, hollow stem auger and air rotary drilling, direct push, down-hole logging, ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic survey. Assessment activities indicated that the downgradient portion of the plume intersected a downgradient solvent plume. Region IV of the EPA has given interim approval for a risk-based corrective action approach to the on-site PCB contamination.

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