Mebane Steakhouse

Mid-Atlantic was contacted to provide services for a former underground storage tank (UST) site that was under redevelopment as a restaurant.  The owner, just prior to opening the multi-million dollar facility, determined that the previous UST closure was inadequately documented, putting the project financing at risk. In addition, the client only had only one week to complete investigative activities and obtain a formal regulatory closure of the project before losing the project to a major investor. With a one week deadline from our initial site visit, we worked collaboratively with contractors, the owner and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) for a rapid completion of the project, including NCDEQ reporting requirements, to achieve a Notice of No Further Action (NFA), allowing the redevelopment to proceed.

"Mid-Atlantic's work product is clear and concise. They meet the regulatory requirements with all the supporting documentation. When I need answers, I get answers."