High Rise Office Tower and Parking Deck

Mid-Atlantic provided a wide range of environmental and management services during the redevelopment of an entire downtown site with a parking deck, high-rise office building, residential condominiums and retail shops. Several months before construction was to begin at the site, it was discovered that a release of petroleum from underground storage tanks would need to be sufficiently addressed prior to the site being used for residential purposes. With the cooperation of regulatory agencies, Mid-Atlantic was able to perform an expedited assessment of the release, develop a corrective action plan, and install a portable air sparge and soil vapor extraction system at the site prior to construction activities. This system was put in place to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater. During construction, Mid-Atlantic monitored the clean–up, interfaced with the construction team, and actually moved the remedial system twice to ensure that remediation activities did not impede construction. Mid-Atlantic also addressed several other areas of environmental concern that were encountered during construction. Prior to the end of construction, the soil and groundwater at the site had been remediated to the applicable standards and the other environmental concerns addressed to the regulatory agencies satisfaction.

"Mid-Atlantic Associates has been a valued source of environmental knowledge and guidance for our company for more than 15 years. Their staff is up-to-date on all environmental areas. Concerning regulation and liaison with governmental authorities, they are on a first name basis with departmental heads. This often eliminates most of the "red tape" generally associated with dealing with government agencies. When we need assistance, we always call Mid-Atlantic."