Fremont Manufacturing Facility

The plant was built in 1969 as a manufacturer of nickel-plated disposable medical instruments and utilized chlorinated solvents (including trichloroethane (TCA) stored in an aboveground storage tank), petroleum, and plating solutions in their manufacturing process. Mid-Atlantic prepared and implemented a Phase I Remedial Investigation (RI) work plan under the Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch Registered Environmental Consultant program. Assessment activities characterized potential contaminant sources including the former TCA AST, a vapor degreaser unit, a wastewater lagoon system, sludge landfill, an acid drum storage area, and gasoline UST. Results indicated that elevated levels of nickel were present in soil and that groundwater was impacted by several metals, TCA and degradation products 1,1-dichloroethene and trichloroethene. Surface water assessment confirmed localized impact to an adjacent stream. A vapor intrusion assessment was conducted for the on-site building and results indicated that there was no complete exposure pathway.

"Mid-Atlantic Associates, Inc. has prepared SPCC Plans for various Department of Public Safety facilities ranging from single-tank situations to one of the largest maximum-security prisons in the State to the complete satisfaction of personnel at the units and Central Engineering. They have consistently exhibited thorough knowledge of State and federal rules governing both aboveground and underground petroleum storage, safe management practices, and environmental remediation compliance. Mid-Atlantic has shown a high level of responsiveness and its staff members have demonstrated their ability to work within any time constraint with a high level of professionalism."