Brownfields Redevelopment

This Brownfields site included the construction of an 11-story student housing center built on a former heavy equipment sales and repair facility impacted with chlorinated solvents and petroleum. Mid-Atlantic developed and implemented an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) designed to support site redevelopment that included procedures to manage contaminated water, mud, sludge, etc. generated from utility installation, site grading, and the installation of over 12 miles of micro piles. Mid-Atlantic designed and operated a mobile treatment system to separate contaminated water from drilling mud for disposal into the sanitary sewer system under a temporary discharge permit. Mid-Atlantic’s team managed 259,172 gallons of water, 105,536 gallons of sludge, 1,552 gallons of drilling mud, and 3,281 tons of contaminated soil. Work was conducted over an intensive nearly 24-hour per day schedule for three months. A major component of this project was the design and installation oversight of a GeoSeal active vent vapor intrusion (VI) mitigation system and a pre-occupancy VI risk assessment consisting of sub-slab and indoor air sampling. At the time, this was the most involved EMP and risk assessment (including calculation of site specific screening values for indoor air) conducted under the North Carolina Brownfields Program.

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