Mid-Atlantic and UCPCOG Participate in Community Outreach in Halifax County

On May 8, 2015, Mid-Atlantic and the Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments (UCPCOG) held a public outreach session for leaders in Halifax County. The purpose of the session was to educate leaders on the UCPCOG Brownfields Program and the benefits that it and North Carolina’s Brownfields Program could bring to their communities. The session was led by Ron Townley, UCPCOG’s Planning and Development Services Program Director with support from Darin McClure of Mid-Atlantic. The session was attended by local mayors, councilmen, bankers, developers and real estate professionals. Since 2011, the UCPCOG has received $800,000 in funding to assist in the assessment of Brownfields properties. During this time Mid-Atlantic has assisted the team with grant writing services and implementation of the grants. To read an article on the event posted in the Daily Herald, click here.

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