City of Havelock Completes $1M Cleanup of Phoenix Landfill Site

The City of Havelock recently completed an approximately $1M cleanup of the former Phoenix landfill site. The Phoenix site was originally a sand mine that was later used as a demolition waste dump site.  The owners of the site declared bankruptcy and at the time the facility was closed in 2000, there was thousands of cubic yards of unprocessed material stockpiled at the site, which included scrap metal, plastic building debris, unprocessed building materials and wood chips  laden with levels of arsenic above certain regulatory standards. Mid-Atlantic assisted the City in assessing the site from 2014-2016, entering the site into the NC Brownfields Program, obtaining title to the site, and designing and managing the recent cleanup. By removing and disposing over 14,000 tons of material and strategically limiting exposure and/or access to other impacted areas, the City has been able to open up approximately 20 acres of usable greenspace.


"Mid-Atlantic Associates, Inc. has prepared SPCC Plans for various Department of Public Safety facilities ranging from single-tank situations to one of the largest maximum-security prisons in the State to the complete satisfaction of personnel at the units and Central Engineering. They have consistently exhibited thorough knowledge of State and federal rules governing both aboveground and underground petroleum storage, safe management practices, and environmental remediation compliance. Mid-Atlantic has shown a high level of responsiveness and its staff members have demonstrated their ability to work within any time constraint with a high level of professionalism."